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Spontaneous shoot with the fabulous Monique Jacqueline last summer. 

Straight scans (no retouch) from a great shoot last summer. Tri-X and expired Portra 160 VC

Tearsheets from the Sea Maiden editorial in SESSIONS Magazine. I’ll be posting outtakes as well! @sessionsmag

Outtakes from the Sea Maiden editorial for SESSIONS Magazine @sessionsmag

Model: Chelsea Freeborn (@photogenicsLA)

Wardrobe: Mike Sam (English Clientele)

Hair/MU: Genevieve Lamb

Photo Assist: Gina Falcone

You can see the story as it ran here: http://jeanclaudephoto.tumblr.com/post/67995006643/tearsheets-from-the-sea-maiden-editorial-in

Canvas  by  andbamnan